Frank Brandon assists client with her PC in St. Paul Minnesota.

Frank Answers. Guaranteed.

Need Help Now with Your PC?

Frank Brandon of ByteWise / PC 911 can provide you with
nearly every kind of help now for your Windows desktop or laptop PC!

  • Frank assesses why your Windows PC doesn't work the way you want it to. He can work with you either:
    • over the phone
    • by bringing your computer to him
    • by travelling to you to take a look at your computer.
  • Frank Increases your PC's performance by expanding memory if necessary and replacing hard drives with faster solid-state drives.
  • Frank installs the appropriate version of Microsoft Windows to meet your needs and support the applications programs you use.
  • Frank sanitizes your PC of malware and viruses, as well as recommends security protection software to prevent future infections.
Frank helping configure Windows software upgrade ByteWise / PC 911

Emergency Service: Hardware & Software

Frank provides personal, friendly assistance immediately to resolve any computer crisis: recovering data, resusitating hardware, reinstalling software. He is faster and less expensive than corporate, contract computer repair services.